When Pigskins Fly is a lighthearted fantasy football podcast for beginners. The show is released weekly, on Tuesdays, and is hosted by Erin Wade and Rob Carter, journalism graduate students at Boston University’s College of Communication. It’s part of the BU News Service podcast network.

Carter and Wade started the podcast during their first semester of graduate school. Carter, a fantasy football junkie, pitched the idea during a BU News Service pitch meeting, and Wade quickly jumped on board. They released the first episode of the show during Week 8 of the 2016 NFL season.

The first season of the show featured an array of conversational topics, including a weekly update on NFL news and a segment on fantasy football strategy. Carter also authored the occasional waiver wire picks article. But Pigskins hadn’t quite figured out its audience, yet.

Starting in the second season, Carter and Wade have shifted the focus of the show to cater to beginners — people who might not completely understand football or fantasy sports and want to get a solid foundation. The show will grow as its listeners’ knowledge grows, and the third season will cater to more intermediate fantasy owners.

Carter and Wade produce a bunch of bonus content for curious listeners, as well. They’ve created a BU News Service fantasy football league, with video interviews of league members released Saturday every week. Carter’s waiver wire column is released weekly, on Tuesdays, and Wade gives readers four pieces of information on Thursday mornings that she thinks they need to know before setting their lineups each week.

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