4 Things You Need to Know, Week 12

Graphic by Erin Wade

It’s Thanksgiving, so let’s keep this short, sweet and to the point.

1 Football starts at 12:30 today, so make sure your lineups are set, like, right now. If you’re finding yourself asking, “What?? I had no idea football started so early on Thanksgiving! Isn’t it a normal Thursday schedule?” then you should probably check the football schedule for the week. There are three games today.

2 Trade deadlines passed yesterday in some leagues. If you’re planning on making last-minute trade moves, make sure your trade deadline hasn’t passed yet. This is your final warning from me on trade deadlines before playoffs begin. (Also, remember to check out our episode on trades, if you want to make some trades but you’re feeling skittish.)

3 As always, there were some injuries last week. LA Rams wide receiver Robert Woods, for example, has a shoulder injury that could keep him out a few weeks, according to ESPN. Check out a list of inactive players from the NFL before you finalize your lineups, and then check our weekly rankings before you tinker too much.

4 Eat some turkey, hang out with your family and enjoy Thanksgiving football. And thanks for listening to/reading Pigskins. We’re really thankful for all you folks out there who care what we have to say. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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